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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wild Eyes Have Ears

Wild eyes have ears is a 1930's-40's Bent wood Hi-chair. I painted this chair to look like a Saguaro cactus tree. Like many of the cactus in my area this one has a hole, from other birds looking for bugs to eat, the cactus will heal itself leaving a pocket like hole where small owls like my pigmy owl can start a family. I placed a Lizard on the foot brace on the front part of the chair it is in the likeness of a Desert Spiny Lizard. The flowers and other 3D elements are made of paper clay I make here at my home in Southern Arizona and where I get much of my inspiration. The paint is acrylic, I then sealed it with a spray on clear gloss finish to help protect it. The owls beak protrudes about one half inch off the back but I think it could still be fully functional as a Hi-chair.

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