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Friday, August 19, 2011

I do this stuff to keep myself sane, it brings me peace, and keep's me grounded.
and it makes me happy.

Black Cat's

Black Cat's are the one thing old world Halloween just can't be without,
so I have made my own version of the
Black Cat.
 created 2007


Farral and Jake "Sold"

Helix and Gordon

Luther Wellington sold

Terri-Phyde sold

Luna and Eclipse

Copyright © 2007 Kathleen Hall

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lamp shades

These are lamp shades I made using a technique I developed and painted in watercolor.

Jack Shade
Completed in 2008

Hummingbird Shade 
completed in 2008 "Gifted"

Gila Monster
Completed in 2009 Kept for myself, hangs in my kitchen.

The First Five Cats

These are my Furious Five
the first five cats, then the others came.

Completed in 2007
fashah Neestah
Completed in 2007

Old Blue (Grandpa)
Completed in 2007 

Completed in 2007

 Completed in 2007

Then the others came.

Cassandra sold
Completed in 2007

Caty sold
Completed in 2007

 Completed in 2007

Gone But Not Forgotten

The following work was either commissioned or gifted.
 Old Scratch
He was completed in 2007

Se'nor Ronaldo Cortez
 He was completed in 2007
Socrates aka (Socks)
He was completed in 2006

Little Skully Bones
He was completed in 2007
 He was completed in 2007
Kitty Memorial He was completed in 2007
Bob was a Birthday gift to my Husband Mike,
He helped a little with the design, he wanted a Bob cat reaching up a tree.
This is what I came up with.
He was completed in 2007
Dedicated to
our beloved pet
There's nothing more American than the Fourth of July and Chicken.
So I wanted to combine the two and do something patriotic.


Rhode Island Red White and Blue
It stands about 18 inches.
completed in 2008
Copyright © Kathleen Hall