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Monday, September 26, 2011

Snow Fairys

Have you ever looked at a snowflake?
Each one is different, they have a beauty all their own.
I've often wondered, how did the snowflake come to be, how did it get there?
Then it came to me, THE FAIRY'S!
Jackie's House "Blizzard" 2009

 Inside the house is a working light up fireplace with hearth mantel and Christmas tree.

Cicle loves to dance and spin, 
he has so much fun when the snow dances around him.

 Drift has the need for speed,
his fast flying talent makes him the perfect choice for making all those
wonderful snowdrifts we all liked to jump in as a child.

Flurry has such a blast bobbing, diving and making his hairpin turns sometimes when the wind is blowing and you watch real close you just might catch a glimpse of him spinning the snow up into the trees.


Crystal is a happy little sprite, she has the gift of kindness and love.
Her love for the snow and her sweet smile makes the snowflakes sparkle and glisten as they dance off the ends of her fingertips.

the Snow Fairy's stand 5 to 9 inches tall all completed in 2009
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